Cemeteries of Whitley County Kentucky Vol. 2

C. Maynard Cornelius

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It is suggested that you use the Search feature to look for Surnames in the volumes.  The links below are provided for people who just want to browse through the books.  An Index of Cemeteries is provided for those looking for a specific cemetery.




    We welcome additions and corrections to these Cemetery Books.   It is our intention that these books remain intact as Mr. Cornelius published them but he knew there would be some mistakes made and stated that the information contained should be a starting point for gathering information not taken as 100% proof.

Additions and Corrections may be added by completing the form linked below.  A link will be provided from the name on the cemetery page to your information, provided you provide your name as submitter and e-mail or snail mail address so that others may get in touch with you.  We strongly suggest that you include your snail mail address on all queries, obits, etc, posted to the Whitley County Pages.   People using public library computers do not always have e-mail available and your e-mail address is more likely to change than your snailmail..

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These pages are from the Three Volumes of Whitley County Cemeteries Charlie Maynard Cornelius and have been made available online by his family for your personal genealogy research ONLY.  No portion of these pages may be reprinted for profit without written permission.

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