Cemetery Books Vol 1
Pages 76-80
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JELLICO CREEK, New section, Whitley Co., KY. (Pages 1-5)
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JELLICO CREEK CEMETERY, New section, Whitley Co., KY. (Page 1)


   Name                  	birth       	death         other information

Adkins, Milford L.		17Feb1897	21Nov1947	
Alsip, Lee			18Sep1900first1.gif (885 bytes)				
Alsip, Florence M.		16Feb1900second.gif (887 bytes)	8Apr1968	
Anderson, Albert		12Aug1890first1.gif (885 bytes)	1Oct1944	Ky. Cpl, 1st Pioneer Inf.
Anderson, Ellen (Stephens)	 6Mar1901 				
Anderson, Jeff			29Aug1902	27Jul1963	
Anderson, Reba			21Mar1907 	31May1955	
Anderson, Neal Mike		16Jan1884	15Jun1956	
Anderson, Maggie		 5Jun1908 				
Andrews, Geter			27Aug1902	16May1967	
Andrews, Nola			13Nov1907 				
Angel, John L.			06Feb1876	27Sep1953	
Angel, Armanda			07Aug1876 	18Mar1934	
Baird, Vess			23Mar1876	16Dec1946	“Father”
Baird, Clefford			20Jul1927	6Jan1929	
Baird, Joe Jr.			14Mar1925	7Nov1928	
Baird, Arnold			7 Oct1914	21Oct1974	
Baird, Marie			15Aug1912 				
Baird, Savannah			5Aug1922	1962		(* 1962 chizled in by hand)
Baird, Clarence			29May1925	13Jan1951	
Baird, Glennis			29Jan1924	25Jan1950	
Baird, Infant dau.				1962*		D/o Artle/Berda
Baird, Infant dau				1958*		D/o Artle/Berda
Ball, Lewis			17Jan1933	22Feb1933	S/o Delmar/Ollie
Ball, Lonnie L.			 3Dec1911	7Jun1978	
Ball, Nancy K.			30Mar1929 			-- (m) 17 Dec 1949
Ball, Janice Faye		3Apr1950	8Feb1951	
Ball, W. C.			27Dec1874	22Oct1953	
Ball, Florence			27Apr1880 	2Mar1958	
Ball, Jack			8Jun1904					
Braden, J.C.			 5Sep1886	16Jun1947	
Braden, Susie			23Oct1888 	28May1971	
Branham, Laura A.		12Feb1941	13Feb1941	
Branham, Roxie (Durham)		11Nov1898	17Feb1941	
Branham, Mary			20Sep1943	25Sep1943	
Branham, Frank			 6Feb1893	3Aug1975	
Branham, Nova			30Jul1903 				
Branham, Leslie A.		     1903	    1979	(* Croley marker)
Branham, John L.		21Mar1855	4Dec1929	
Branham, Mary Frances		12Mar1865 	30Nov1950	
Brown, Melton			25May1911	1Aug1969	
Brown, Rose M.			16Oct1908 				
Brown, Auldin Lee		8Aug1948	13Jul1951	D/o M.B./Rose
Brown, Infant dau.		12Feb1951	12Feb1951	D/o M.B./Rose
Brown, Lindul H.		28Jan1945	5Oct1947	
Brown, Charley			23Dec1937*				Ky. Pvt, 150th Inf, 38th Div.
Brown, William H.		     1865	    1946	
Brown, Emma			     1876 	    19--	
Brown, Calvin			15Oct1870	27Oct1939	(* cinder block marker)
Brown, Katie			25Jun1874	3Jul1965	
Bryant, Wilma Jeane		23Sep1937	13Jan1941	
Bryant, Walter			    1888	     1957	
Bryant, Della	 		    1895 	     1978	
Bryant, Brenda Gale		25May1953	21Jun1953	“Darling daughter”
Bryant, Leonard			23Feb1943	8Aug1943	
Bryant, June Arleene		17Jun1956	17Jun1956	D/o M/M Maynard Bryant

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JELLICO CREEK CEMETERY, New section, Whitley Co., KY. (Page 2)

Campbell, W.G.			25Aug1895	7	Dec	1974	“Father”
Campbell, Matilda		_________ 	__	___	____	“Mother”  no dates
Campbell, Ledford L.		10May1884	18Jan1978	
Campbell, Ancil			13Mar1915				
Campbell, Audrey (Cornelius)	19Dec1914 	27Jul1977	D/o Bill/Bennie Cornelius
Campbell, Leander		30Mar1886	5Feb1955	
Campbell, Mary W.		20Aug1889 	17Nov1957	
Campbell, Bobbie Lee		06Feb1947	21Nov1951	S/o Mr & Mrs Robert
Campbell, Andra Dell		14Nov1948	15Nov1948	
Campbell, William E.		05Mar1919	30Jan1945	Sgt, Co K, 377th Inf, 95 Div
Campbell, Elmer G.		29Oct1898	14Jun1977	
Campbell, Ida C.		22Mar1898 				
Campbell, Homer			21Aug1915	21Feb1970	
Campbell, Frances E. (Kidd)	02May1920 				
Carson, Henry R.		09Nov1885	18Oct1967	
Carson, Rosa			22Aug1892 	16Apr1968	
Cecil, Bascom B.		30Jul1905	25May1972	
Cecil, Versie (Lay)		05Apr1909 	24Jan1962	
Chambers, John			04Feb1870	26Jun1954	
Chambers, Isebelle		28May1878	16May1938	“Mother”
Chambers, Carl			16Aug1893	29Oct1971	KY Pvt, 131st Inf., WW-1
Chambers, Infant son		25Mar1931	25Mar1931	S/o Carl/Minnie
Childers, Mattie		13Sep1902	03Aug1941	“Wife”
Chinn, Infant son		25Nov1933	25Nov1933	S/o Thurman
Chinn, Mary Francis		06Jul1930	27Apr1936	D/o Jim? Ben?
Chinn, Ben D.			14Jan1878	23Apr1952	(*see note at bottom)
Chinn, Cora E.			08Jun1885 	15Jun1936	
Chinn, Allmer			08Jul1913	24Dec1954	
Chinn, Nannie			20Jul1911 				
Claxton, John David		19Mar1906	25Jan1972	
Clonch, Nannie (Swain)		17Mar1908	01Feb1946	D/o W.T/Rillie Swain
Cooley, Meldia			22Mar1898	04Jan1970	“Mother”
	New grave, no markings, next to Meldia Cooley --
Cordell, I.M. (*Isham) 		21May1870 	12Sep 1955 	
Cordell, Malinda (Cornelius) 	22Oct1876 	9Apr 1950	W/o I.M., d/o F.M./Alley 
Cordell, Wade E. 		21Jan1907 			S/o I.M./Malinda 
Cordell, Exie A. (Jones) 	17Oct1911 	1Aug 1951 	1st wife of Wade E. 
Cornelius, Henry Daniel 	6Apr1883 	20Mar 1960 	S/o F.M./Alley 
Cornelius, George M. 		16May1867 	8Oct 1948 	S/o “Billie”/Rena 
Cornelius, Nancy J. 		10Dec1869 	16Mar 1950 	W/o George M. 
Cornelius, William Lloyd 	18Jan1896 	30Apr 1961 
Cornelius, Andrew Mack 		2Jul1901 	25Jul 1940 
Cornelius, Bennie (Messer) 	8Apr1881 	19Mar 1945 	W/o W.G. 
Cox, Martha (Cornelius) 	16Apr1881 	6Feb 1947 	W/o Henry, d/o F.M./Alley 
Cox, Sol (Solomon) 		23Apr1881 	1Nov 1973 	“Father” 
Cox, Nannie V. 			09Oct1885 	15Dec 1933 	“Mother” 
Cox, Minnie Mae? 		17Mar1887 	7Nov 1973 	“Wife” 
Creekmore, Albert G. 		31May1921 	5Apr 1945 	Cpl 393 Inf, 99th Inf Div. WW- 
Creekmore, John William 	28Mar1891 	18Feb 1946 	“Father” 
Creekmore, Mary Jane 		 5Jun1895 
Creekmore, Sarah E. 		28Dec1888 	1Jul 1960 	“Mother” 
Creekmore, Clarence 		13Oct1900 	13Mar 1963 
Creekmore, Elliott 		26May1908 	25Jul 1957 
Creekmore, Henry N. 		24Sep1867 	28Dec 1944 
Creekmore, Sarah E. 		16Nov1875 	23Sep 1962 
(*Note)  Ben D. Chinn - “38th Inf., Co. C, Volunteers on 16 Sep 1899.  Wounded in battle at TAAL Philippine Insurrection 19 Jan 1900

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JELLICO CREEK CEMETERY, new section, Whitley Co., KY.   (Page 3)
Criscillis, Ruby Lee		28May1940	10Jul1941	
Criscillis, Dorris Ann		12Dec1952	19Dec1952	
Criscillis, Mary Liz (Privitt)	25Jul1888	24Feb1962	
Criscillis, Joe N.		1Aug1880	2Apr1937	
Cirscillis, Albert Don		26Aug1948	21Jan1949	
Cross, Addie M.			22Jan1899					Dbl. Stone with Maude R. Meadors
Davenport, Lloyd		19Feb1899	24Dec1974	Pvt U.S. Army
Davenport, Edna P.		16Jun1922 			
Davenport, George Jr.		17Feb1939	9Sep1974	
Davenport, Albert		12Sep1923	20May1954	
Davis, Ray M.			10Jun1939	8Jan1940	S/o M.E./Lonia
Davis, Lona Marie		14Jun1917	2Jan1958	
Davis, Memphis Ed		10Oct1891	6Apr1976	
Davis, Edgar Ed	11		Jun1951		10Oct1967	S/o M.E./Lonia
Davis, Etta (Rose)		19Feb1910	12Mar1947	“Mother”
Davis, Carolyn N.		14May1941	20May1941	D/o Calub/Gladys (Douglass)
Davis, Jesse N.			06Jun1910	7Dec1972	
Davis, Stella S			11Dec1905 				
Davis, Ernest			17Aug1893	16Jan1977	Cpl., U S Army WW-1
Dople, ?Hefman			09Aug1915	21Nov1973	
Dople, Pava			20Mar1908 				
Dople, Lewis			28Jul1884	18May1948	
Dople, Nancy			13Jul1886 				
Dople, Amon			20Dec1915				
Dople, Maude			20Nov1916 				
Douglass, Infant son		25Dec1942					S/o Hobert/Grace (Shelley)
Douglass, Edd O.		26Feb1907				S/o Alfred/Della
Douglass, Nellie		19Feb1909 	11Sep1946	
Douglass, Howard		18Aug1938	20Sep1957	S/o Lowell/Ruby (Davenport)
Douglass, Alfred E.		22Apr1878	23Sep1953	
Douglass, Della F.		18Jul1881 	6Nov1977	
Douglass, Joyce (West)		28Feb1930	5Feb1954	1st w/o Earl Sr.
Douglass, Glennis Earl Sr.	20Feb1924 				
Douglass, Orlando L.		10Aug1889				
Douglass, Fannie H.		23Jul1895 	11Jan1940	
Ellison, Clarence		30Nov1952	30Apr1976	
Ferguson, Harold Edward		23Aug1941	28Jun1943	
Ferguson, Ondria Bel		16Mar1943	08Jan1944	
Ferguson, Earle E.		26Mar1958	26Mar1958	
Foster, Frank			2Feb1877	29Oct1967	
Foster, Emma E.			9Nov1878 	17May1963	
Frederick, Amanda		30Jun1877	17Jan1959	“Mother”
Gaylor, Mary E.			3Oct1956	07Apr1962	
Gilreath, Pamela		    1968	     1968	
Gilreath, Homer Matt		18Sep1918			
Gilreath, Mary Audell		09Feb1922 	05Sep1945	
Gilreath, Ramsey		6Oct1890	07Feb1979	
Gilreath, Nellie		2May1896 	20Feb1946	
Gregory, Birdie			    1906	     1906	
?  footstone only								Reads “Sister”
Hamblin, Rachel E.		1Nov1890			Double stone, only information
Hamblin, no name		         				
Harmon, Silas Patton		25Jun1933	30Jun1976	
Harmon, Georgia Ruth		14Jul1945	21Sep1945	
Harmon, Edgar D.		19Apr1939	7Jul1939	
Hart, Robert J.			16Nov1909	21Sep1962	
Hart, Martha M.			12Jan1906 				

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JELLICO CREEK CEMETERY, new section, Whitley Co, KY       (Page 4)

Name                         date           death             other information
Hatfield, Kathy Dian		22Nov1960	8Jan1962	
Hatfield?	3 graves marked with field stones only	
Hatfield,, Kennith K.		10May1923	3Apr1945	Pfc 114 Inf. WW-2
Hayes, Wayne			15Feb1949	3Aug1949	
Hayes, Dianne			15Jun1959	15Jun1959	
Hayes, James R.			18Jul1891	21Aug1964	Pvt Co. E, 6th Inf Regt., WW-1
Hayes, Emma			02Feb1889 	25May1943	
Higginbotham, 	Hannah C.	3Apr1877	7Oct1943	
Higginbotham, J.C.		29Oct1868	5Sep1959	
Higginbotham, Thomas O.		08Apr1916	21Oct1944	Sgt. 34th Inf., WW-2
Hill, Carole Kathy		29Nov1954	30Nov1954	
Hill, Infant								No other readings
Holt, Leonard			1Aug1894	25Nov1963	”Father”__Extra Large Marker)
Holt, Melvina			9Apr1894	22Sep1948	“Mother”
Holt, Charles G.		27May1922			Married Mildred McCall
Holt, Dessie M.			21Apr1919			Married Wadley Cordell
Holt, Ernest R.			22Nov1917			Married June Baker
?Holt?	Two graves marked with Funeral Home marker-no information
Jones, Darrell			23Jul1923			“Father”
Jones, Marie			20Nov1923 			“Mother”
Jones, Gorman			08Apr1942	2Mar1943	
Jones, Charlie			14Feb1911	07Dec1951	
Jones, Andrew P.		28May1889	14Apr1964	
Jones, Oda A.			17Dec1891 				
Jones, William L.		21Jul1918	08Jan1969	
Jones, Sam			15Dec1891	24Feb1968	
Jones, Mahala			18Mar1899 				
Kidd, William L.		13Nov1895	           1978	Cpl. U S Army WW-1
Kidd, Lula (Shepherd)		12Sep1899 				
Lambdin, Grant			15May1900	15Apr1941	
Lambdin, Roxie			23Jun1900 				
Lawson, George E.		04Jan1924				
Lawson, Darlene A.		20Oct1928 	20Jun1952	
Lay, Herbert L.			06Jun1911	9Dec1972	Pvt. U S Army WW-2
Lay, Jack			16May1920	01Nov1973	Pvt. U S Army WW-2
Lay, Dudley			1931		1977		Croley metal marker
Lay, Nathan			5Feb1886	19Apr1960	“Father”
Lay, Etta P			29Jun1891	1Jun1945	“Mother”
Lay, Donald			12Apr1924	19Jan1945	Gunners Mate 2/c USN WW-2
Lester, Boon			10Aug1881	16Feb1963	
Lester, Perlie	 		03Jun1883 	24May1966	
Loudermilk, Flora		28Jan1887	16Aug1967	“Mother”
Loudermilk ??	one grave marked with beehive like marker, can’t read
Lovitt, Ronnie			27Jan1877				
Lovitt, Dinah			18Nov1876 	7Apr1957	
Lovitt, Arthur C.		24Feb1901				
Lovitt, Nannie Mae		17Feb1907 	20Dec1976	
Lovitt, Betty			10Jan1929	16May1931	
Lovitt, Ancil			1894				
Lovitt, Zora S.			1900 	            1974	
Lovitt, Lawrence E.		12Feb1917	22Aug1963	(*Large family stone marker)
Lovitt ?		one grave, no markings, in Lawrence E. Lovitt platt.	
Lovitt, Melt G.	                23Jan1877	11Aug1951	
Lovitt, Flora M.		24Feb1875 	24Aug1950	
Lovitt, Luther			18Aug1897	24Sep1966	
Lovitt, Zula H.	 		03Nov1899 				

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JELLICO CREEK CEMETERY, new section, Whitley Co., KY.        (Page 5)

Lovitt, Virgil			24Apr1909	26Feb1979	
Lovitt, Reva C.			22Mar1914				
Lovitt, Rudy			27Mar1932	28Oct1933	S/o Virgil
Lovitt, Marsh			21Feb1886	16Jul1961	
Lovitt, Emma W.			18Mar1887	12Aug1965	
Lovitt, Roy J.			1919		1977		Sgt U S Army WW-2
Lovitt, Floyd J.		16Dec1906	26May1972	
Manning, Jacob			26Sep1870	8Feb1946	“Father”
Manning, Maggie E.		27Oct1880	21Jan1939	“Mother” w/o Jacob
Manning, W. L.			17Jun1916				
Manning, Ester G.		 4Aug1916	12Mar1954	
Manning, Lena P.		7Sep1938	7Aug1971	
Mash, Thomas James		27Sep1936	2Jun1937	“Baby”
McFarland, Jeniffer Lynn		1974	Only date 	(*Ellison marker)
Meadors, Mack			29Apr1892	15Jul1958	
Meadors, Polly			15Jan1889	8May1976	
Meadors, Dianna Lynn		21Feb1952	1Feb1968	
Meadors, Jerry Ann		10Apr1952	17Aug1956	
Meadors, Harold E.		6Jun1946	19Jul1946	
Meadors, Reuben H.		9Apr1897	7Jan1939	Pvt., 68th Field Aty, 95th Div.
Meadors, Christa							No dates
Meadors, Melvin	9		9Dec1902	25Nov1962	
Meadors, Hamp, C.		03May1886	7Jan1972	“Father”
Meadors, Hannah			26Mar1884	18May1952	“Mother”
Meadors, Manuel			24Feb1912	15Aug1932	
Meadors, Dade			20Oct1884			
Meadors, George W.		28Mar1882	1Oct1944	
Meadors, W. J.			21Sep1872	12Sep1932	
Meadors, Mary			11Oct1869				
Meadors, Berry			1879		1947		“Father”
Meadors, James M.		22May1915	11Mar1975	
Meadors, Edna J.		16Jun1924	6Sep1976	
Meadors, Estill Orvill		14Feb1907	31Jan1968
Meadors, Aurora (* Inscription on Estill O. marker; Aurora, my wife proceeded me 
		16 Apr 1966 & rest in peace in Mexico City, Mexico."
Meadors, Hamp S.		7Feb1875	20Jul1953	
Meadors, Susie N.		16Oct1882	28Oct1965	
Meadors, Dinah			26Oct1912	14Oct1978	
Meadors, Margaret S.		8May1886	31Dec1971	
Meadors, Dan			23Feb1884	3May1971	
Meadors, Claude M.		20Dec1916	14Apr1963	
Meadors, Jacob Stephen		5Oct1876	24Feb1947	(* spelled MEADOWS)
Meadors, Benjamin H.		08Sep1888	10Feb1959	“Called  Harse”
Meadors, Calestine (Moses)	27Jan1890				
Meadors, Rogers Renfroe		28Oct1949	28Oct1949	
Meadors, Norma J.		1944		1948	
Meadors, Grover C.		02Dec1892	9Dec1975	
Meadors, Delsie J.		13Jun1904	9Feb1971	
Meadors, Maude R.		5Sep1894	25Apr1974	“Sister” to/see Addie CROSS.
Meadors, Elmon			1898		1973	
Meadors, Fannie			1902		1971	
Meadors, Benjamin H. Jr.	20Aug1920	19Jun1959	
Meadors, Gearldine R.		29Dec1932				
Meadors, Trenton Reid		6Apr1970	20Apr1970	
Meadors, Bert			18Nov1910	23Jun1960	
Meadors, Edna (West)		12Feb1918	29Feb1966