The purpose of this page is to honor all veterans......especially those with Whitley County Connections....

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Military Ribbon Information
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cmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes) Denotes  Medal of Honor Winners kiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes) Denotes Killed in Action ribbon1.gif (3455 bytes) Denotes POW/MIA

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Revolutionary War Veterans

Zachariah Davis Pierce Dant Hamblin

*biographical information for Revolutionary War Veterans

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War of 1812

*biographical information for War of 1812 Veterans

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Civil War Veterans

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Henry H Anderson USA
Edward F. Arthur CSA
William P. Black USAcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes) 
John Harties Brown USAcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
John H Callahan USAcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
James D. Case CSA
J. A. Cooley CSA
John Davis USA
Paulser Debusk CSA
Thomas Earls USA
Daniel L. Ferry
John R. Frost
James A Harmon USA
Wiley Hayes CSA
William L. Heath    CSA
William H. Horsfall USA cmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
Aaron R. Hudson USA cmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)       
Oliver Hughes USAcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
William C. Lynch
Garland Laws
Henry B. Mattingly USAcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
William L. McCann CSA

Francis M. McMillen USAcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
Hugh Miniard    CSA
Archibald Mitchell     CSA
William T. Morris CSA   
Jefferson C. Myers  CSA
Daniel Noble USNcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
Ephraim Osborn       CSA
Andrew L. Roden     CSA
John S. Robinson      CSA 
Oliver P. Rood USAcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
James R. Smith   CSA
William Steinmetz USAcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
Dr. Joab Travilier     CSA
Mary E. Walker (Civ)cmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)
William Watkins   CSA
R. B. Wells CSA
John F. Weston USAcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)

*biographies for Civil War Veterans

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spanam1.gif (4817 bytes) Spanish American War Veterans spanam.gif (13047 bytes)
Frank Davis
Benjamin F. Hardawaycmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)


James J. Nashcmhribbon.gif (3543 bytes)


*biographies for  Spanish American War Veterans

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World War I Veterans

Milton Milford "Red" Criscillis, Sr
Maurice Edward Nash USA

*biographies for World War I Veterans


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World War II Veterans

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  1. Ulys G. Adkins Jr.
  2. Robert Edward Allwine Jr. USA
  3. Steve ( Joe ) Bryant USA
  4. Harold Adrian Brassfield USAAF
  5. Lloyd Campbell USA-AF
  6. George Calvin Criscillis, Jr USAF
  7. Milton Milford "Buddy" Criscillis, Jr USA
  8. Ernest "Pete" Collingsworth, USN
  9. Charley Maynard Cornelius USN/USA
  10. Earnest Hoyt Earls USA
  11. Arlis Terrell Hart USN
  12. Paul Glenn Hart USN
  13. Walter D. Hart USN
  14. Willard L. Hart USN
  15. Frank William (Billy) Hudson
  16. Patrick J. Kelly
  17. Edward B. Pemberton USA
  18. Ernest Lee Richmond USN


*biographies for WWII Vets

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Korean War Veterans

korea-vet-medal.jpg (8455 bytes)
  1. Robert Edward Allwine Jr. USA
  2. Charley Maynard Cornelius USN/USA
  3. Arlis Terrell Hart USA
  4. Troy Wayne Hubbard
  5. Jerome Richmond-USN


*biographies for Korean War Veterans


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Vietnam War Veterans

  1. Robert E.  Allwine Jr. USA
  2. Joe Steve Bryant,Jr.
  3. Benny Giles Carr USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  4. Wendell M. Carr
  5. John Michael Cole  USAFkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  6. David T. Durham USMCkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  7. Gary Earnest Earls USA
  8. Larry Allen Earls USMC
  9. Robert E.Gray USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  10. John Douglas Hale USAribbon1.gif (3455 bytes)kiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  11. Gleason Cay Helton USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  12. Vernon Franklin HART M.D. USA
  13. Gary E.Holtzclaw USMCkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  1. J. Clifford Jenkins USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  2. Harold Dean Johnson USA
  3. Freddie D. Lawson USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  4. Ronnie Lawson USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  5. David Lee Miles USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  6. Glen E. Rountree USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  7. Billy Ray Sargent USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  8. Jackie E. Trosper USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  9. Douglas M. Wetmore USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)
  10. Larry S Wright-USA
  11. Garry L. Wright-USA
  12. Floyd Wynn USAkiaribbon.gif (1473 bytes)




biographies for Vietnam veterans

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gulf-war-vet-medal.jpg (12654 bytes)

Gulf War Veterans

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kuwait-vet-medal.jpg (8387 bytes)
  1. Daniel Joe Bryant, SPC
    born: June 22, 1976
    Parents: Joe Steve Bryant,Jr.
    Enlisted: Nov. 1995
    1st Calvary B-Btry 4/5 ADA
    Kuwait  Sue Bryant


*biographies for Kuwait Veterans

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Those who Served

peacetime-vet-medal.jpg (9006 bytes)
  1. Gordon Walter Earls
  2. Harry Scott Earls

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Whitley County homepage's adopted POW/MIA

ribbon1.gif (3455 bytes)John Douglas Hale


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Please send the information on your vet to us:  e-mail to ....Gary and Becky at

If possible we would like to have :

  1. Name of Veteran
  2. Connection to Whitley County (not required to be placed on page)
  3. Years of Service
  4. Branch of Service
  5. Unit information
  6. Any biographical information you would like to include
  7. You don't have to have all the information to add a name....if you know they were a vet, please add them to the list.
  8. Your name, e-mail address, and snail mail, if you are willing to include that for posting.  We recommend that you include your snail mail information for folks who do not have access to  e-mail.

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Military Ribbon Information

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From Ron's page

  1. Bronze Star Medal
  2. Purple Heart Medal
  3. Prisoner of War Medal
  4. U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal
  5. American Campaign Medal
  6. Europe-Africa-Middle East Service Medal
  7. World War II Victory Medal
  8. Korean Service Medal
  9. U.S. Vietnam Service Medal
  10. Southwest Asia Service Medal
  11. Vietnam Campaign Medal

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Some of the graphics on this page were furnished by Ron Fleischer        Visit Ron's page to see more of his wonderful Graphics
Click on POW/MIA Stamp to
e-mail Ron Fleischer and thank him for all his hard work.
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Want to make a difference go to Operation Just Cause.  Once you have the information on your POW/MIA please e-mail us the information so we can add it to the page.

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