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Cumberland Falls Picture by: James E. Lawson

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This picture was taken in  1885 in Williamsburg, KY of the Bryant's  and related families.
It was contributed by:    Charlotte Mayfield Jackson
Front Row : John Lovett, Sarah Bryant, Rhoda Ann Bryant, Kesiah "Josie" Bryant, Susan Lovett Bryant, Minnie Katherine Bryant, Andrew Jackson Bryant.
Second Row: Sarah Pennington Lovett, James Martin Bryant, John W. Bryant, Daniel Irwin Bryant.

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This is a reunion photo of civil war soldiers housed on Margy's Cumberland River Region page. Click on the photo to go there.  It will open in another window.   If this link doesn't work, go to the Cumberland River Region Page and check out the Reunion Picture.

If you can identify anyone in the photo let Margy know at


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From Left:  Frances (Frank) Neal and George Washington Ridener, Jr. 

Photo furnished by: Cheryl



Eliza Jane Robertson Bryant Her Biography  can be found on the Whitley County Biographies page

Photo furnished by:  Kathy Jo Bryant


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This picture was originally mislabeled as Johnson.   It is Andrew Jackson Bryant and
Susannah Lovett Bryant,taken about 1853.Contact:
Charlotte Mayfield Jackson [] or
Patty Jo Allen
Children of Nathan and
Amy (Smith) Lawson
Back Row:
Andrew J., Elias, Pleasant,
John W.
Front Row:
James W., Anna, Sampson

This was taken in 1904
Photo donated by:
Sue Blosser

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Children.of Lewis and Susannah (Prewitt) Meadors
Top Row:
Lewis, Susie, James, Frank, Jason, Mary, Nancy, Randa, Verna
Front Row:
William, John, Elizzie, Sally, Juda, Jeptha, Milton, Joel

Photo donated by:
Sue Blosser
Daughters.of Lewis and Susannah (Prewitt) Meadors
Sarah "Sally", Susan, Juda, Elizabeth
Randy, Nancy, Louvernia, Mary

this picture is much clearer full size.
Photo donated by:
Sue Blosser

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Margarite Stark, Ann King, Cleora Manning, Carrie Manning,  Anna Mae Stark, Ethel Morton, Edna Moore, Ruth King, Carrie Bowlin,   Maude Rains, Cora Manning, Cleda Meadors, Opal Manning, Marie Rose,  Orena? Morton, Martha Rains.The Manning girls are my Mother and her  sisters.
Photo donated by Patty Jo Allen

Celia Lovitt. Note from Patty Jo,"Why it says Maria Lovett ,I don't  know. I only have Celia, it could be Celia Maria. Whoever wrote the  names spelled John's name with an "i" and he spelled it Lovett same  as Susannah's was with an "e". I have Celia's death as 9-23-1863."  Photo donated by Patty Jo Allen

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"Picture of my great-grandfather,
Napoleon Bonaparte Ridener. If anyone has  knowledge of the whole photo ,I would be so grateful. This was cut and put on a postcard way back when. It was at one time a picture of him and his wife Hannah and either my grandfather or one of his brothers or maybe even all 4 of the boys.You can see a woman's
hand on his shoulder and a child's hand on his knee. I would guess the time frame would be 1895 to 1900. Thanks,"     Patty Jo


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