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Cumberland Falls Picture by: James E. Lawson

Picture of my great grandmother Tempie Surelda Whitman Parkey Bunch and Aunt Hazel Parkey and Grandpa George Alfred Parkey of Whitley Co., Ky.

Georgia Johnson Mullins

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Picture of Aunt Hazel, Aunt Nora and my mother Ruby E. Parkey Johnson taken in
Whitley Co. Ky. about 1922.

Georgia Johnson Mullins.

George A. and Samantha Worley Parkey and dau. Ruby E. Parkey about 1910 in Whitley Co., Ky

Georgia Johnson Mullins.

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George W. Whitman and Elizabeth Worley Whitman family of Whitley Co. Ky.

Georgia Johnson Mullins.

Great great grandparents Richard H. and Elizabeth Jane Tye Alsip of Whitley Co., Ky.

Georgia Johnson Mullins.

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