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Over the last eight years we have seen online research go from almost nothing to the vast amount of links we have today.  If you know of a link we should have on one of these pages,   please let us know.  To make navigation faster we have broken these links down to several pages.   Please note that material not housed on our site will open in a new window.  This will prevent frames within frames if the new page has them and will allow you to return to "right where you left off" on the Whitley County Page.

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Whitley County Links
These include cemetery books, Vital Statistics, morbidity schedules, known military information on  Whitley County Veterans, queries,obituaries, biographies, cumberland region links and much more.


Kentucky Research Links: 
These include the death index


General Genealogy Research Sites.  
These are some of our favorites

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Whitley County Links

new.gif (3781 bytes)State Archive Transcript  
    Whitley County Deaths 1900-1929.
    Whitley County Deaths 1930-1959 
    Whitley County Deaths 1960-1979  
    Whitley County Deaths 1980-1993  

    Whitley County Deaths 1994-1999 
Whitley County Residence who died in Neighboring Counties

new.gif (3781 bytes)State Archive Transcript Whitley County Births 1911-1920.  State wide birth records were not required prior to 1911
Whitley County Births 1921-1930 
Biographies  Obituaries  Queries:

Cemetery Books:
The three volumes of Charley M. Cornelius' Cemetery census for Whitley County.....These are still under construction  and do include some cemeteries in that portion of McCreary County that was once a part of Whitley.

Cumberland River Region Research
Take a trip Down Home Margy Miles has a page on the Cumberland area of Kentucky that is a must see for anyone researching this area.  She has some wonderful stories about the people and  places along the Cumberland.  Visit often as I understand she will be changing the biographies found  in each county section.  There is some great  background information for all you "Daniel Boone"  researchers.  Lookup volunteers. So kick back and take a trip DOWN HOME.

Descendancy Charts
Ours are here along with links to others we know about.  Not all are Whitley County
A tribute to the Military heroes.  Please submit your veteran's information for this page.  They don't have to have a Whitley County Connection
Mortality Schedule for Whitley County
KY Census records Online     John F. Schunk of  S-K Publications has posted the
1860 Whitley County, KY, Census images on-line in the USGenWeb Archives at:
Here's some information about the census images.
The 1860 Whitley County, KY, Census contains 195 pages (census images),
numbered 627 through 821.
The name of each image file is the page number. (In the case of 1880, 1900,
and 1920 census, the file name includes both the Enumeration District and the
page number.)
Page numbers for specific county subdivisions are as follows:
Boston: 627-634
South America: 634-645
Whetstone Precinct: 645-660
Williamsburg District: 661-700
Williamsburg Town: 700-703
Lower Regions District: 703-711
Spring Rock District: 711-714
Jellico District: 714-716
Whitley County: 716-779, 819-821
Cumberland River: 780-782, 790-794, 804-807, 809-818
Marsh Creek: 783-789, 807-808
Wolf Creek: 794-796
Clear Fork: 796-800
Patterson Creek: 800-804
Pouch Creek: 808

You can contact John  at
S-K Publications
PO Box 8173
Wichita KS 67208-0173
PH 316-685-3201
FAX 316-685-6650
KY census records  free lookups
Pictures old and new.  These must have a Whitley County Connection.  Please submit your pictures

Whitley County Court Minutes Book #1:
By:  Stephen Broyles
A transcription of the first Court Minutes book.  It details the formation of the county, the selection and naming of the county seat, the building of the courthouse, and the usual legal business of the new county.  Made Available Online by Stephen Broyles
BASIC INDEXES to Deed Book #1
BY:  Stephen Broyles.
Made Available Online by Stephen Broyles
SCPerkins Genealogy Page:  Lots of Perkins and related families information.  This page also contains some super links
Don't miss this if you are researching anyone in the
Whitley County Tips and Tidbits:  
Land Grants/Funeral Homes/Research
Tips for this area/
Newspapers/Libraries/County Government
Historical Maps of Kentucky and her Counties
These show the county formation lines for various years.  They start with three counties formed from the Kentucky Territory that were part of VA and go through 1912.  
1895 Map of Kentucky:
This is a color map that is almost a meg.  Be patient, it is worth the wait.  This map gives cities and major roads are marked.
Other Maps of Kentucky

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Whitley County Kentucky Quick Links


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We proudly fly "OLD GLORY" to salute those who have served her in the past, present and those who will serve to "KEEP HER FLYING" in the future. May she ever fly to remind the world that there are those willing to lay down their lives and be buried under her to keep our land Free.



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